Optik Mizen

Optik Mizen at Blink Optics

We are proud to work with one of the best lens manufacturers in the world, Optik Mizen.

Optik Mizen is a British owned company who are at the forefront of lens innovation and quality.

Here at Blink Optics we can provide the full range of lenses tailored to your exact needs, so you can perform better.

We can tailor varifocals for office work including DSE work, sports vision and also for driving.


OPTIK MIZEN is a small, specialist ophthalmic lens producer with its own proprietary designs and technologies. We work with the best independent minds around the world to create unique products that rival and even surpass the top designs of the established global brands of Carl Zeiss, Essilor/Nikon, and Hoya. Our Rx and varifocal lenses are produced to elite specification in our state-of-the-art partner laboratory in the heart of Europe and delivered into practice in 6 working days.

Optik Mizen Jamie, Justyn RobWhilst quality is our number one priority we also place great emphasis on achieving a superior level of service and support based on traditional values of integrity and dedication. We truly love what we do and take pride in forming genuine friendships with our customers.

OPTIK MIZEN lenses benefit from several specialist technologies including LATERAL DISSEMINATION TECHNOLOGY [TM], PIN-SHARP ENHANCEMENT[TM], MATRIX ASSIMILATION [TM] and OPUS CURVE[TM] optimised dual surfacing.