COVID-19 Guidance
November 2021


Our practice is fully compliant with the Public Health England and The College of Optometrist guidance on hygiene control measures and patient safety during COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. We are operating a one-in, one-out policy.  An appointment will, therefore, be limited to a member of the household (unless accompanying a child or a vulnerable adult).
  2. You are encouraged to arrive wearing a mask and use the hand sanitizer provided.
  3. We will be wearing PPE and will practice social distancing where possible.
  4. You are welcome to try on as many frames as you wish but we ask that you put them aside for us to clean before we put them back.
  5. We have a programme to disinfect areas and equipment in the practice after your visit, to make it safe and ready for the next patient.
  6. We ask that you pay by card where possible.
  7. If at any time prior to your appointment, you or anyone you may have been in contact with experiences COVID-19 symptoms, we ask you to re-schedule.

Please phone us on 0203 327 1510

Our email address is

           TOP TIP
Please remember to avoid touching your face as this can introduce the COVID virus into your body.

As the season changes and Autumn decends upon us, many new eye conditions manifest themselves.  These are due to many factors including the change in light levels. Walking in the grey light of evening you may notice floaters.  Small dots that move across your vision.  If you get many of these or start seeing strings of dots, please contact us.  For most, it is probablly of no concern, however, it may be an early sign to seek help. 

Our vision is so important and we at Blink Optics want to help maitain yours.

Nilesh Soneji of Blink Optics
Keep yourself, family and neighbours safe and well.