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It is vital to protect your vision with the correct sunglasses. Many people underestimate the damage that sunlight causes to the health of your eyes.  Come in to have a chat with Nilesh to discuss the latest in sunglass technology.

Nilesh has been using one of the most advanced OCT machines to inspect the various layers of the retina at the back of your eye.  Just looking at the surface does not always detect early signs of vision threatening diseases.  Some diseases occur in deeper layers, to detect abnormalities early is often life changing. That’s why our investment in the Heidelberg Spectralis OCT is so important to our patients.

Here are a couple of reviews –

“I have worn needed glasses for 20 years and had always used the main high street retailers until I met Nilesh. Blink Optics does not just look after your sight, it looks after you. Three years ago Nilesh got my prescription right after my normal optician had not for a number of years. In September this year, Blink Optics saved my sight by spotting a Retinal Detachment before I even knew and advising me on an immediate basis. Thanks to Nilesh and Blink Optics I can still see in my right eye and I cannot recommend them enough. Blink Optics are not your optician, they are your partner in protecting your eyesight, whilst also having all the latest frames and tech. I will never use another optician and thanks to Blink Optics I can still see really well and live life to the full”  Liam, Nov 2019

“Outstanding Service.  A thoroughly professional service was delivered, true to form, by this efficient and attentive practice. Each step of the eye examination is clearly explained and a fine choice of frames available, with speedy completion. This is a truly customer-centred experience!” Catherine, Sept 2019
“Amazing service.  I am a very critical and demanding customer, so much that I often have to apologise before hand.  I am delighted to say that Nilesh rose above my expectations.  First, the 4D Eye Health scan helped me to understand the problems I was experiencing and get to the emergency eye clinic where I had two retinal tears lasered immediately.  I did not have the usual flashes of light, just a lot of floaters, strings and a horse tail!
After my eyes settled down a few weeks post procedure, a fresh eye test revealed that the repairs were great and now I have two pairs of glasses, each for different situations.  I can now see as well as I used to (many years ago), so much that I was able to really enjoy a recent visit to the British Museum’s Manga Art exhibition.  The detail that was revealed in the drawings was amazing! I can live with swapping between the two pairs of glasses. Gone are my CostCo ready-readers!  Thoroughly recommend this practice.”  Chris, Aug 2019
“Exemplary Service And Great Kindness
I have been lucky enough to be a patient of Nilesh’s, along with all my family, for decades. His knowledge, his kindness, his willingness to help in ANY WAY with any concerns a patient might have, cannot be surpassed and his gift with children, likewise.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your untold professionalism.”
Your extremely grateful Julia Aug 2019

Our commitment to you! The 4D eye health scan

As part of our full eye examination we are providing a complimentary  4D eye health scan (worth £40) using one of the most advanced OCT machines. We have seen the benefits first hand and have already helped to save the sight of nine of our new customers.

Why should I have a 4D eye health scan?
Early detection of a disease can prevent debilitating eye conditions.  Sometimes, waiting for symptoms is too late,  the damage has already been done.   Remember, perfect vision doesn’t necessarily mean healthy eyes.

We use the Spectralis OCT, a state-of-the-art machine from Heidelberg, a world respected and leading manufacturer.

Blink Optics

Nilesh Soneji of Blink Optics

is a new family Optometry practice in East Sheen run by Nilesh and Alka Soneji. Our customers come from Kew, Richmond, Putney, Chiswick, Hammersmith as well as our international patients who visit us from the Gulf States, Africa and the U.S.A.

Nilesh previously worked at Boots Opticians in Hammersmith.

You can find Blink Optics at 327 Upper Richmond Road West, near to Santander Bank, opposite the Hare and Hounds.

For an appointment for a full eye examination with a complimentary Spectralis 4D OCT Eye Health screen, phone 0203 327 1510.  Or e-mail us at

What is the SPECTRALIS 4D HD Eye Health Check?

The SPECTRALIS 4D HD Eye Health Check helps us to provide much more than your standard sight test. It employs the use of a high-tech eye scanner to scan your eyes looking for very early signs of retinal and optic nerve disease. This technology is used on board the International Space Station to check the health of astronaut’s eyes and now you can have your eye health checked in exactly the same way here on planet Earth.
Why should I have a SPECTRALIS 4D HD eye health scan? Perfect vision does not mean healthy eyes. It is easy to forget about your eye health when you have perfect vision. You may be unaware of a disease in your eye until you begin having vision problems. If problems with 
your vision arise, this can often mean that significant damage to your eye has already occurred, and this damage may be irreversible.