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Is it really April? The weather seems to be stuck in Autumn with the continual wet and high winds.  At least the days are now much longer and May is fast approaching.

Soon we will be into hay fever season, right on top of mock exams for those studying.

Eye health is important and so easily taken for granted.   

We at Blink Optics have invested in the latest retina camera system from OPTOS, called the California.  This remarkable kit enables us to take several views of your retina in under a second and then display the Optomap on the screen, for us to interpret. We can keep these images and compare any changes over the years. 

The NHS covers the basic eye exams for children and most students.

Also, we provide a repair service and can often repair on the same day.  Don’t hesitate to call for any help. 

If you are concerned about your vision or that of someone you care for, please call us on 0203 327 1510. 

Nilesh Soneji of Blink Optics
Keep yourself, your family, and your neighbors safe and well.